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Fears - a topical and big topic

Everyone has it - few talk about it!

Why carry these fears with you into adulthood?

In this kids workshop we get to the bottom of our fear with various visualization and body techniques.


* Where does my fear come from?

* Am I alone with my fear?

* What is my fear like?

* What valuable tools can I use to deal with my fear and, in the best case, to resolve it?

Strengthen self-confidence and promote concentration through visualization and hypnosis

Give your child the opportunity to free his / her backpack of useless burdens and fill it with valuable treasures!

In 3 courses we go on exciting journeys through our body, repair possible "construction sites", meet important companions and discover dormant powers!

High-quality aromatic oils from Döterra, as well as great gemstone bracelets are used to anchor the newly gained resources and to be able to call them up again in the future.

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