Birth preparation

When preparing for birth by means of hypnosis, you will receive all the important tools to experience a more relaxed, painless and shorter birth.

You will learn self-hypnosis in order to release all tension, positively influence pain and be completely in touch with your child.

The most important questions about pregnancy and childbirth are answered from the gynecological point of view.

And the birth companion also has an active role to support the mother-to-be in the best possible way.

As a qualified physiotherapist, I still like to work directly on the body and I also incorporate all of my experience here.
Choose between a classic or therapeutic massage - with soothing aromatic oils on request.
My massage treatments are EMR certified and therefore health insurance approved.

The hypnosis method is a very special kind of verbal and non-verbal communication. It uses the state of trance to gain better access to our subconscious. Our attention is directed inwards and thus enables access to dormant resources and processes that enable sustainable changes in our lives.

mindTV - Guides visualiziation

This imaginative and playful method, just like hypnosis, makes use of the fact that our brain CANNOT distinguish between imagination and reality.

With mindTV we watch the movie of your life and transform negative, unwanted feelings into objects. Because of this tangibility, they can easily be removed and replaced with a positive feeling.

We embark on an exciting journey into your inner being, where there are no limits to your imagination. All the answers and solutions for your negative feelings are already inside you. You just have to let them become visible.


Sports hypnosis - take your mental training to the next level
Sports hypnosis describes hypnotically supporting processes in and around sports activities.

The main topics of sports hypnosis include:

  • Performance optimization

  • Optimization and storage of motion sequences in the subconscious

  • Learning to self-hypnosis

  • Dissolve blockages and imprints

  • Positive influence on wound healing after sports injuries and pain

  • Group dynamics

As an ideal supporter, sports hypnosis is aimed not only at top athletes in a team or as lone fighters, but also at amateurs in popular sport.